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Hire Right

Exceptional companies hire the right people the first time, and keep them. Improving the quality of hiring can have a positive direct effect on your business’ bottom line and culture.

Hiring is about much more than flawless resumes, standard interview questions and friendly references.  In order to make a great hire you need to get to know who the candidate is and how they will work with a team.  Go beyond the skills and interview small talk and delve deeper into how they will really work in your unique culture. 

With our Hire Right™ Programs you will hire more productive, engaged and effective members of your team. You can hire right, the first time. Let our Hire Right™ Coach show you how. 

It is a new hire – new role, new team, something you haven’t done before.  There is more work to do and you need more capacity and/or a more experienced team member.  The exact role, responsibilities and characteristics of a new hire are not as clear as the need is.  Maybe you have had a hire or two that was not the right fit or the right person at the right time. We can help clarify who will be successful in your role. With our guidance and proven tools you will have the confidence to Hire Right.

What you get

Every Hire Right™ Program includes:

  • Expert Guidance from our Hire Right Coaches to identify candidate behaviors and attributes needed for the role and assess your final candidates.
  • ADVanced Insights Profile Reports - a powerful resource for leaders who want to maximize their effectiveness when engaging with others. This highly-validated tool is used for coaching and developing high performers and for hiring the right candidate at any level within the company.
  • Candidate Insights™ - our report on your candidate and their behaviors, motivators and attitude.

With Hire Right™ Professional you get the benefits of Essential Plus:

  • An Industry Benchmark for the job—Eliminate the common biases associated with hiring, by focusing on what the job needs to be successful—not the individuals in the role.
  • Custom Situational Hiring Questions—These questions will provide greater clarity as to how this candidate will fit the role and organization, validate what’s identified in the assessments, and a better understanding of the person, related to behaviors, values and attributes.
  • Role Agreement Template - Great performance begins with role clarity and agreement. Your coach will make sure you know exactly what success looks like to hire so you can Hire Right.

With Hire Right™ Premium you get all of the benefits of Professional Plus:

  • Key Stakeholder Interviews - Collaboration - A professionally trained and certified coach leads those individuals who know the job best through a facilitated process to discuss the importance and needs of the job. After the conversation, everyone walks away with a deeper understanding of the role, where it fits in within the organization and what is needed.
  • Team Insights™ for Onboarding successfully—By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the new hire and a key team member or manager, you can begin to coach and motivate immediately during the on-boarding process.

Expert Guidance ($600 Value)

ADVanced Insights Profile Reports for Candidates ($450 Value)

Candidate Insights™ ($497 Value)


Expert Guidance ($600 Value)

ADVanced Insights Profile Reports for Candidates ($2,250 Value)

Candidate Insights™ ($497 Value)

Role Agreement

Custom Benchmark ($2,500 Value)

Custom Situational Hiring Questions ($500 Value)

Key Stakeholder Interviews for role clarity ($750 Value)

Measures of Success

Team Insights™ for Onboarding